Seo keywords on the top but no customers?
Date: 18/11/2014

How do websites make money, nobody actually SEO your website to the top and show off, if the top does not make money, it is useless. If a site has good hits from the topping, then next thing to do is increase the rate of exchange of views chuyenn shopping website.

A lot of customers have mistaken that the top Seo any business with keywords, customers will come, but not so, Seo is only a small branch of marketing online only. The seo service provider should explain this to the client to advise the best customers.

This article will discuss the conversion rates and optimizing it. Conversions in this article means that the variable Counter to potential clients or may be order. Conversion rate is the percentage between the number of users as potential customers divided by total hits.

Seo keywords on the top but no customers?

Depending on the purpose of your website, conversion may be different, eg convert into orders, respectively converted into registration, conversion tracking email subscriptions.

Optimize your conversion rate, you can figure out somewhat, which is a technique to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Increase user experience

First, think like a customer. A lot of times you buy something from the website, and think about what made you buy? Now, ask yourself at their website and see if anything can make you want to spend money without thinking? If nothing compelling you, take a look at the factors below to interact with the user.

Monday, install google analytics on the website so you can see the hits you take from. Use the filter funnels and goals to which the statistics and the competitive advantage compared to other websites.

Tuesday, using the analysis program, such as Crazy Egg, to create a map of the area hot on your website, show you which areas are more most clicks. That will help you better understand how users use your site.

Finally, always review and evaluate each and every tool user interaction and decided one idea only to reach customers, such as online support or coupons.

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