Optimization techniques to avoid the SEO website
Date: 18/11/2014

Despite being optimized by Google no matter what the SEO services techniques to stay away from "push TOP" danger below.

1. Spam Keyword

Keyword density (Density) always at an appropriate level on the page. Many SEO services are trying to cram as much as possible causes discomfort for the reader to visit each website. SEO is a wise customer, please recommend this service stopped working. This directly affected the outcome of the web page ranking on Google for the On-page is not guaranteed. Write a paragraph that contains the keywords are always the most natural depends on the ability of the unit of writing SEO.

Optimization techniques to avoid the SEO website

2. Use of low-quality blog

Quality is always more important than quantity.

Today, many SEO services use the site's blog to point satellite links on their own sites without regard to the quality of the blog that is. Even, many people also use automated tools to post to it. The result is that the backlinks from these sites have extremely low quality, not to mention duplicate content - taboos in SEO. Doing this not only reflect ineffective in optimizing search engines, but also to influence the ranking on Google.

3. Mix the contents (Content Spinning)

Mix the contents of the technical tools used to create different versions of content from an original content and then use them to post the website to check backlink on satellite. It's like you fool the search engines, making them understand that your content is fresh and unique. However, this is not a good way of brain atrophy. If you would like to reuse content just write, just won a little more time to "twist" it away in a newer perspective.

4. Comment Spamming

SEO services do not turn yourself into Spammer "voice" on the Internet.

Leave a comment in the blog / website with a high PR SEO services is how many still or do to get backlinks and traffic. But there is a principle when using this link that goes: Only leave on high PR blogs and content-related issues you are doing SEO. Note again that only leave valuable comments refer to the original article to not be deleted.

5. Domain "clones"

This technique is that the units do SEO using variations of the name of a domain original travel available with which to SEO. This approach not appreciated by Google and the fact that it also affects the brand and image of your company.

Example: Your opponent is the domain site: websitecuatoi.com you to "clone" the website-cua-toi.com.

6. Purchase Backlink

Buy / Sell Backlink not as simple as you would imagine.

Many people do SEO or even SEO services can often buy links from other websites pointing to Web pages are optimized to help it increase the ranking on Google. This practice is expensive but the number of backlinks quickly poured in. However, you must be very careful when applying this technique to avoid Google penalties. In addition, Google also recommend you use the attribute "no-follow" links for exchange.

7. Poor quality satellite Website

This is a mistake that can be acquired or SEO services. If you are "breeding" satellite sites with similar content are very dangerous. Google will see it as duplicate and will penalize you whenever.

8. The misuse of social networking tools automatically

Let's build photos on social networks, rather than abuse automation tools.

If you make good use of the social network has a very good effect in SEO. There would be nothing wrong if you use automated tools to post new content from your blog or website on social networking sites. However, the overuse of this tool will be hazardous to your brands on the Internet. You are not to use the tool to automatically share new posts with interest too thick week to earn backlinks and traffic. Do this regularly by hand is still better.

9. Lack of diversification of anchor-text

Building quality links to point to (Backlink) to optimize Web site is an important step in SEO. The use of keywords as anchor-text in each Backlink to speed up the TOP keyword is a basic knowledge that any SEO service knows. However, the recent Google algorithm has sanctioned the Website overused monotonous anchor-text content and see it as unnatural. Therefore, you need to diversify the keyword in Backlink to them richer.

10. Copy the contents

Copying content is taboo in SEO.

This is a technique that many people do SEO website or get in early. Google makes more aggressive with the contents copied and sanctions mercilessly every time we violations. Today, content optimization search engines retain an important role. You must lead to the creation of new posts to its Web site.

In summary,

SEO is the best way to increase traffic to the website. But this job how effective the technique depends on the SEO services are actually hien.Hy hope this article helped you in any part of the "operation".

I wish you success!

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