Usability & SEO
Date: 18/11/2014

Usability (usability) and SEO

The job of search engines is to provide the most relevant results when users conduct searches for certain keywords. For sites to be considered "appropriate or relevant" to the keywords that users search for your page must have content about that keyword and content must be quality in addition to those related articles to highlighting key words.

Usually, people redesign their website with their desire to be "user friendly" than. They think to do that they have taken more photos on our website and the content goes down.

However, websites such revision will be limited and will cause many customers do not know about your business, entail that the trust level will diminished greatly because if customers want to find and research for your business, they want to know more details about the work your business, the development of your business, developing business development has been long, and achievements. ..thi information on the website is not met.

To gain the trust and enhance the level of conversion of readers into customers common to do that you have to answer the question then is: your site is built up with a view what purpose, content, information about the company was not yet complete, useful information to customers is not easy to find, links on the page were the best yet ...

Internal Links

Here is a great example of how you can improve website usability and support for your SEO campaign. Usually, you can create a lot of sites, but they do not link together. If visitors on interactive marketing services company, then they may be interested in services SEM (PPC) and other SEO services. So you have to add the links between those sites together

The internal links are great and good for the user experience. Also these links makes the tag on the page more diverse.

Accessibility and usability

Acessibility (Accessibility) is best known for usability. If your website can not be accessed by software on the Mac Safari browser, then you are missing out on opportunities and create a bad user experience for those who use fake safari browser or your website like that for visually impaired people can not be manipulated and used, your website has lost one of users.

A Web site code for the visually impaired can access by following web content access is regulated by the World Wide Web Consortium (World Web Consortium) or the standards established by the Board of Directors Government issued (Govermental Access Board), which is known as the guide Section 508. These standards include additional Alt tags on the desired image search engines can understand the pictures are saying about their content, in addition to the visually impaired to use the photo will emit a sound, to ensure that the functions that can be performed using the keyboard and add a title to the visually impaired can easily navigate site.

Let's look at the following four categories:

Ensure that the website functions can be performed using the keyboard. While this does not affect SEO, but will be good for the user, which makes navigating the site is best
Ensure that the directory can be accessed images. Best website design we should not use too many images, unless using such images for decorative purposes on the website, we should decorate the website using CSS, it would be better for SEO and user.
Add a title to the visually impaired can easily navigate through the site. This is a great factor for SEO.

Again, if we (as well as webmasters, SEOer, marketer, CEO, or anyone whatsoever) the focus on the user experience, then that would be a long way towards optimize our website.

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