Benefits of nofollow links
Date: 01/12/2014

1. To prevent spam

If your website link to a website, blog spam is such a website will not be affected by the website or blog.

2. Content is not repeated

If you have two different anchor text on the home page of your website so that only the first link (in or outside your website) you want nofollow the link to point out that it is less important.

3. Avoid buying and selling links

The purchases linked to happen a lot. Google is very uncomfortable for this, but you are looking to increase page rank keywords and rank, the quickest way is to buy link to this costly and dangerous, if Google detects it will be fine soon. You want a decent standing in rankings of Google must obey their rules, in fact, the current Google has been using the system reports the increase website page rank by buying links. So it is best to use for the purchase nofollow links on your website.

4. Prevent the reduction of links

Pages linked from a common site on the web page but the link was reduced when the link is shared with unwanted external web sites. Example: A Twitter timeline widget on your homepage it can link to the outside of your tweets. Links nofollow is used in many forums and blogs that are comment. Some blog platform integrated CMS attributes in your comment, such as wordpress blog.

5. Help navigating traffic on website:

Most of the forum pages, social networking or blogging ... have a large set of functions nofollow links out there website (inbound links). So the best way to increase traffic to your site is to create a favor, call for help. Expanding further, you can help answer questions on the forum members and finally insert your web address on it, or insert an answer key to the signature ... Obviously, that nofollow links will not have any value for the search engines but the battery would be of value to humans. If your answers are useful or viewers certainly will not hesitate to visit your site.

Link "NoFollow links to help build a brand for business":

All keywords SEO experts agree on the usefulness of the increased traffic on the website through the nofollow link. Commentary Blog and links from forums, social networking sites are the most common forms of enterprises in particular electronic commerce, and the company offers seo services generally use the nofollow link. Because although not increase PageRank, but is advantageous in promoting services and products of their company. Since then the company name they are known and build corporate brand as well as good customer relations. We can say this advertising method will collect the most profitable business.

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