Exciting sound reason secondhand market online
Date: 04/12/2014

Save time, costs

Thu (25 years, Hanoi) to buy a new mobile phone for less than a week is used to receive a smartphone (smartphone) quality. Thu ever hesitated, not knowing "handle" What mobile phone with "excess" just bought. When carrying out a procurement old phone, they only accept pay half the money than the purchase price makes Thu sorry gut, because phones are brand new, new users a day.

Your advice, Thu bring up an online forum for sale and the results exceeded the expectations of her, by the buyer to pay the purchase price less cost only a few hundred thousand new. So well satisfied sellers, buyers also comfortable for possessing nearly new handset at bargain prices.

Also by the needs of sellers and buyers easy "met" through channels such as online, so the website, online support forum thread bar Xom increasingly converge. Just wanted to post items sound reasonable, practical photography, share a phone number to contact the seller was able to introduce items to your online user community the majority, while buyers are also many search option.

Besides the forum popular Facebook social network is also home to the "opportunity" was created to share information bar chart reason for sale, find buy old people.

"I found it interesting to discover that if you look a bit down hard, the shop has good sound reason, just saving. I was getting a pretty nice wardrobe and certainly for the price of VND200,000, buy TV less than 500,000, then the fridge, phone anymore. As the bar chart of family reasons should not fear things are "boiled" internal components. Form your purchase helps save a lot of time, because just sitting at home with a computer that can refer to many items in need "- Hung you just graduated from college and working in a company shared private.

Easy to "trap" scam

Many items appear reasonable bar on the forum, website classifieds, social networks to meet the needs of the seller, buyer, from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), electronics, refrigeration (TV , washing machine, fridge ...) to bed, closet, clothes, shoes, milk powder, motorcycles ...

However, taking advantage of the abundance of goods, many shops were labeled vintage sound reason "not to use personal map" for sale.

Hieu - a person with experience in online transactions - said: "Psychology of ordinary consumers like to buy the old family or individual. But with old furniture store format is different. Since the shop has a professional so they can "turn shouted" down to use the old maps, but only one time only, the poor quality parts to replace broken in by the left. Buyers can scarcely verify the quality of items in the store liquidation ".

Thus, according to Hieu, to avoid falling into the "trap" of the old shop hiding of "personal reasons bar" on the website, it is necessary to trace the history of the poster for sale, if the standard negative feedback should stay away.

Modern technology increasingly, online purchases are becoming increasingly popular because it saves time and money for those in need. But besides that, consumers should be aware of before the "way" scams to avoid buying multiple items are no longer valid.

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