Huawei: "No one can earn money from the Windows Phone"
Date: 04/12/2014

Before the continuous growth of Android and iOS rivals, Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is still having a lot of difficulty. Although Microsoft offers free Windows Phone for OEM partners, but at least so far, the number of partners of Microsoft still is not much.

Huawei - emerging smartphone vendors from China, recently the "rubbing salt" on pain of Microsoft, made the comment when frankly: "No one earns money from Windows Phone." This review was director of international communications of Huawei Joe Kelly told The Seattle Times site.

According to statistics from market research firm IDC in the third quarter / 2014, Windows Phone market share is up about 2.9%, while the share of Android and iOS respectively 84.4% and 11.7%. Total Lumia devices - mainly smartphones running Windows Phone - after 3 years on the shelf is only about 50 million.

In Vietnam, Microsoft's operating system market share quite good, but this achievement is mainly due to cheap smartphones Lumia 520, Lumia 525. At the same time, the Windows Phone users to choose a largely in Nokia - key manufacturing partners phone running Microsoft's operating system. Brands from the Finnish capital has been a long time favorite Vietnamese people.

However, now that Nokia has sold array of equipment and services for the Microsoft brand will disappear in the future and this will most likely affect the decision to purchase phone users.

Microsoft is also working to improve the situation. In addition to the free operating system for hardware manufacturing partners, they also launched a portal hardware partners, allowing smaller manufacturers, stores, home networking, collaboration to develop Windows smartphone phone white label (white-label - phone operator's logo, but in fact the machine by a different production company) to configure and low price.

The company also worked with many Chinese companies like Foxconn, Lenovo, Longcheer, and earlier this year ... ZTE, and Huawei seems to be the first partner decided to stop producing devices running its parts My software.

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